Solar Energy to be Sourced Out Of French Cemetery

Solar Energy to be Sourced Out Of French Cemetery

In 1970, Saint-Joachim, located in the western part of France, outgrew its churchyard cemetery that resulted in a new graveyard being created to the east of the town’s main island at sea level. This altitude causes the cemetery to often flood in the winter which prevents the families of the deceased to visit during the rainy season. Moreover, draining the ground has been an ongoing battle with the wetland and an immediate solution was necessary.

The initial solution proposed had nothing to do with solar panels. The mayor of Saint-Joachim suggested covering the sitein order to stop it from filling with rainwater and flooding. Since the town’s climate during the summer season is very dry, the second idea proposed included collecting and reusing the rainwater for the grass and greenery in various spots around the town.

Eventually, in 2021 they had decided to use the somewhat superfluous surface and reform it into a source for producing solar energy. In addition, the town had decided to offer the electricity to residents which will be distributed equally among the town members who choose to invest in the communal project for just 5 euro.

To continue reading about this beautiful idea which consists of multiple ways to better the environment and to read about the equal way the electricity will be distributed between the town members press here.

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