Competitive & Market Intelligence

Detailed insight into market environment, rival status, global and local regulations, business threats and opportunities meant to sustain your competitive edge.

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R&D Intelligence

Regular overview reports on existing, new and developing tech innovations designed to keep you up to speed in a rapidly changing world.

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IoT SPS & Customer Oriented Strategy

Battling public ignorance regarding safety, privacy and security (SPS) in IoT and wireless equipment by drawing concious, public-orienated policy.

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We give you information to make professional decisions
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About Us

GYT is a boutique consulting and intelligence firm, aiming to support, guide and inform executives and R&D developers on everything relevant and crucial for strategic decision making. We aspire to expand your knowledge and expertise so your future decisions and operational plans are made smarter.

Smart is what we do: we specialize in IoT and Smart City wireless communication, energy and water technologies, brand image-issues and the handling of public-concerns around smart tech. We provide constant, up to date information, insight and analysis of your industry, competitive environment, relevant global and local regulations, R&D tech innovations, possible threats and lucrative business opportunities.


Global growth in use of energy by 2035


IoT Units Installed by 2020


Smart Cities market worth by 2020
Our Values
We’re a curious bunch, so we like to learn, explore, analyze and discover information that will provide value to our customers.
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