IoT SPS & Customer Oriented Strategy

The power dynamic of the consumer market has changed drastically in recent years, gradually shifting from revolving around the service-providers to give way to the rising influence of the service-consumers. Like the pied-piper of Hamelin, it’s the consumer who now sets the tone and a new market standard, making a customer oriented strategy an essential part of any modern business model, especially when it comes to smart tech. Based on a deep understanding of the market- but mostly, the people behind it- customer orientation is meant to accommodate both the preconceived perceptions and existing expectations of the public regarding your product. We can help you understand your client by providing analysis and insight into the market and what the customer is looking for, shaping your product to better fit current needs.

  • A strategy oriented around modern day consumer’s expectation and perception.
  • Gives your company foresight and tools to handle SPS issues before they rise.
  • Promotes corporate-responsibility and costumer-awareness now demanded of every business.

What is a Customer Oriented Strategy?

Customer oriented strategy is a business approach well adapted and aware of consumer power. It seeks to gain knowledge of how the customer operates, what he wants and needs, what he likes and hates and fears, aiming to make him a proactive partner in all decision making. Essentially, it’s a model based for and around humans- taking into account all that might entail. Customer oriented strategy will draw out conclusions based on experience and familiarity with the consumer in order to adapt all products to a customer-controlled market and to maximize your perceived brand value.

Today innovation is second to the creation of continuous positive customer experience, especially relevant to smart tech and the IoT markets which depends heavily on a close relationship with the client, their feedback and their willingness to hand over information. Without proper research on public acceptance rates, the perceived value of the product and the convenience of its use- many smart products won’t be able to get past the point of introduction into true engagement and long-lasting commitment.

What is the SPS strategy?

SPS strategy is just as human, meant to highlight and handle the concerns inherent to smart technology. The struggle is unavoidable- and it’s only natural considering the magnitude of the changes IoT implies for our daily life. Anything new brings an instinctive bout of fear, and it’s often a struggle to let go of the old in favor of the unknown. People often find smart technology synonymous with unnecessary radiation, complete annihilation of our privacy and an open invitation for hackers. Those concerns, although often exaggerated, are valid and should be handled with care.

As a company marketing smart products and services, it is your responsibility and in your best interest to make the transition to smart tech as smooth as possible by alleviating public, legal and corporate concerns on three core issues: safety, privacy and security (SPS). If in the past company policies handled such issues like a random fire- singular and easy to put out- then today with social media, growing health and environmental awareness, the heavy presence of NGOs and stricter regulation- they are a real potential risk.

What you need to get on board

Using a conscious strategy in your marketing will make your product’s commercial debut easier. A new approach can give you enough foresight to prepare and adapt your product to fit both expectation and perception- in the best possible way. Operating around your clients is crucial when making products meant for them. We advocate for SPS public strategy and a customer oriented approach because it takes into consideration both your clients and your product- creating a bridge between them through emphasis on corporate responsibility, accountability to your market and awareness of its needs. Being SPS and customer aware will gain you necessary foresight into how you should adapt and improve to keep your relative advantage. We aim to create a mutual relationship between your business and your client, making both an essential part of one whole.

Our Services

Drawing a business strategy around a deep understanding of your client and his needs, preconceptions and expectations.
Assessing relevant threats and building a risk-conscious business strategy.
Handling regulatory bodies and NGOs, giving an experienced response to consumer-concerns around your product.
Help you cultivate a customer-centered, SPS-sensitive culture in-house through seminars and policy adjustments.
Making information and content about your product readily available and easily accessible to your customers.

Would you like to know your consumer better?