Competitive & Market Intelligence

In an ever evolving market uncertainty prevails. Don’t let unpredictability hold you back- our competitive market intelligence can help you see the world of tomorrow- today.

  • Meant to identify potential threats from the industry and predict the future course of business for your rivals.
  • Pointing out new business opportunities, trends and potential market changes that can be leveraged into profit.
  • Assistance in building a competitive strategy emphasizing your relative advantages.

What is competitive & market intelligence

Competitive market intelligence is the collection and analysis of information on today’s dynamic market and how your opponents operate in it in order to maintain a sizeable advantage. Competitive market intelligence provides you with an up to date and thorough understanding of your field- including potential risks or threats, rival strategies, new opportunities and a comprehensive picture of your relative position in the industry and how to improve it. Continuous intelligence collection helps you sustain competitive advantage over your business rivals by having foresight and being sufficiently prepared. Our experience and ability to gather, organize and analyze information into a 360° overview custom- tailored for your business needs will provide you with the crucial insight needed to make the right business and executive calls.

Why you need to get on board

The same way we have a hard time choosing what to buy at the supermarket, customers have a hard time deciding which product or service they want- and from whom. We’re here to give you leverage over your opponents- so the customer will always choose you. We’ll provide you with knowledge you can harness into action by supplying you with detailed competitor analysis, profitable investment suggestions and possible collaboration ideas. By mapping the market and monitoring its development we can help you grow in accordance with client needs, rival threats and the never-ending need for innovation. Knowing what you’re up against is the first step in knowing how to handle any situation successfully.

Our services

Detecting potential business threats, new opportunities, trends, possible partners and lucrative investments.
Actionable analysis of your relative advantages and how to maximize them to sustain your competitive edge.
360° periodic reviews updating you on everything related to your business and legal interests.
Quarterly in-depth overview of industry core issues and how they relate to your future plans.

Would you like to know your marketplace inside and out?