Google Acquires Xively’s IoT Platform for $50 Million to Boost Cloud IoT Capabilities

Google will acquire remote desktop software firm Xively’s Internet of Things platform for $50 million. Xively’s platform will provide a fully managed IoT service, enabling organizations to securely connect, manage and comprehend data from every Internet-connected device on the enterprise network. The acquisition will boost Google’s Cloud IoT core capabilities, giving it a deep IoT technology and engineering expertise, and will help it challenge cloud competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the IoT arena.

Xively’s IoT Platform is designed to help organizations connect almost anything they use to the internet—from small factory floor smoke detectors and sensors to large shipping containers. The goal is to give organizations a way to collect and use information such as status, usage and occuring errors from  connected systems to improve quality, modify existing products, to troubleshoot them and more.

With the acquisition of Xively, Google will gain an ecosystem of Micro-controller software providers, boosting its device management capabilities and giving it an advantage in the public cloud arena against AWS and Azure. The Xively team, which generated $3 million in revenue in the last quarter of 2017 and consists of 45 employees (including its engineering team), will be incorporated into the broader Google Cloud Platform team.


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